The Daily Show: Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, and Bassem Youssef
The Egyptian government issues an arrest warrant for comedian Bassem Youssef....
published: 02 Apr 2013
Daily Observations Egypt "1" on Various Harley's
Some observations while riding for 6 days in Egypt. Car Parks are not supposed to be that ...
published: 08 Nov 2013
ANCIENT EGYPT - THE REAL LIFE OF AN EGYPTIAN (Documentary) History/Life and death
ANCIENT EGYPT - THE REAL LIFE OF AN EGYPTIAN (Documentary) History/Life and death Ancient...
published: 28 Oct 2013
Daily Observations Egypt "2" on Various Harley's
Expect the unexpected on Egyptian Motorways Roundabouts have two entries Even the police e...
published: 18 Nov 2013
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
Artistic, literary, and archaeological sources provide clues into the daily life of ancien...
published: 02 Jun 2011
author: ToledoMuseum
Jon Stewart drops by Egypt's "Daily Show"
Jon Stewart appeared on Egypt's version of "The Daily Show." CBS News' Elizabeth Palmer re...
published: 24 Jun 2013
Umbi Sharks Bay, Egypt. Daily diving trips and Liveaboards HD
Trailer for Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village, liveboards and daily dive trips. Sharm el Shei...
published: 05 Nov 2012
Egypt: A New Spirit of National Pride
While Egyptians battle for their political future, social change is already sweeping the c...
published: 31 Jan 2011
BT Daily: Egypt's Continuing Decline
August 20, 2013 - Can anyone restore "normalcy" to Egypt, the Arab World's largest nation?...
published: 20 Aug 2013
Daily News Egypt - Clean homeland campaign
Daily New Egypt reports on trash collection in Cairo and the efforts being made to improve...
published: 13 Aug 2012
ASSASSINS CREED IN EGYPT! - The Daily Byte - Polaris
Today Dodger talks about Assassin's Creed's of the future, first person Saints Row 4 and a...
published: 12 Oct 2013
Egypt's 'Daily Show' pulled off the air: host Bassem Youssef is regarded as Egyptian Jon Stewart
A popular Egyptian show hosted by satirist Bassem Youssef has been pulled off the air due ...
published: 03 Nov 2013
Assassins in Egypt & GTA Online Fixed?! - IGN Daily Fix 10.10.13
The director of Assassin's Creed 4 says where he wants the series to go, GTA Online gets p...
published: 10 Oct 2013
Egypt Uprising P.3 U.S. MEDIA HYPOCRISY, Mubarak Jon Stewart Daily Show Colbert Islam-ophobia
Islamophobia for Dummies, Egypt Uprising part 3, U.S. media hypocrisy and taking credit fo...
published: 13 Mar 2011
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البرنامج - لقاء باسم مع جون ستيوارت - الحلقه 28 Jon Stewart with Bassem Youssef in Egypt
Jon Stewart with Bassem Youssef in Egypt لقاء باسم يوسف مع جون ستيوارت....
published: 21 Jun 2013
author: albernameg
Glassblower in Egypt
Shaping molten glass is more than an art. The modern craft often involves tough working co...
published: 08 Jul 2009
Egypt Daily Life, Family Life in Cairo
http://www.egyptonlinetours.com http://www.middleeastonlinetravel.com Egypt Daily Life, Fa...
published: 11 Apr 2013
Egypt Daily by Szymon Gorski
Egypt Daily News Report by Szymon Gorski...
published: 05 Jun 2013